Pink Pigeon Spiced Rum

The Pink Pigeon Spiced Rum is a spirit that needed a fresh rebrand and relaunch in th UK.
Founded in 1982 and land of the Dodo bird, PINK PIGEON Spiced Rum is a one-of-a-kind combination of the finest ingredients from all over the world, produced by hand on the beautiful island of Mauritius with the guidance of Master Blender Alain Chatel.

We aimed to create an optimistic, vintage-feel, friendly, and warm identity for the brand, while still maintaining its premium status. To achieve this, the creative director and I worked together to develop a fresh concept that embodied the spirit of free-spiritedness, adventure, talent, and worldliness. This included producing brand guidelines, coordinating a photoshoot (with art direction), and creating various collaterals to support the brand.

Vintage feel by using illustrations of the infusions and the Pink Pigeon.

Art direction and final images from the photoshoot.

Necktag and postcards made to promote recipe drinks.

Sell sheet and leaftlets to give out in pubs and shops.