Nod from 2050

The Nod from 2050 project, created for the University of Toronto, aims to assist teenagers and young adults in quitting vaping. The research team behind the project suggests sending postcards to your future self to reflect on your life in 2050, envisioning a life free from vaping.

The University of Toronto had a goal to expand its research, which led to the development of several objectives, such as promoting a positive outlook on life without vaping, enhancing individuals' ability to enjoy and excel in other areas of life and creating a memorable tool to aid in focusing on long-term goals.

The user interface and branding was designed to blend old and new elements by incorporating popular colour and pattern combinations from social media platforms that are popular among the target audience (16-29 years old), such as TikTok and Twitch and mixing with vintage media materials to provide a dream nostalgia experience. Additionally, the research data provided relevant keywords that were used to reflect the desired aesthetics, with themes ranging from futuristic to solar punk to nature-inspired, with collaterals curated for each experience.

Intro page of the experience.

After creating your postcard by adding stickers, images and stamps curated for this experience, the user can send the postcard to himself and save it for future reference.

Examples of background and stickers curated for this experience.