At IBM, I learned how to apply my visual skills to a technical field. 

Feel free to reach out regarding more details about my work; I will gladly answer any questions and ︎share a portfolio 💻

Navigating the Cybersecurity world implies learning a new domain and thoughtfully using IBM's Carbon Design System to find appropriate design solutions.

I have a strong Design Thinking foundation that enables me to deliver new and efficient solutions for the team and projects. I work closely with designers, developers, and PMs. I prioritize listening, understanding, and learning, and I constantly learn about IBM, Carbon, and Figma from my peers and leaders.

Additionally, I am an active member of the IBM community. I participate in mentorship teams, sharing my experiences and knowledge with new joiners and students in IBM's supported programs. I also attended well-known programs such as Patterns and Product Led Growth Design Jam.

Working on a team of 2 (a UX Designer and a Visual Designer) along with a Design Lead, the process of iterations to deliver products and features starts with the Understand, Explore and Delivery phase. Each phase is under the Agile Methodology, with Design Stand-ups, Mid, Exit sprints and playbacks. In addition, we have weekly alignment meetings with the opportunity to share the design progress with the design and developer team and ask questions if needed.

After the prototype has gone through design reviews, we start working on the usability test with stakeholders and users to create artifacts to prove our design decisions and the next steps the project should take.

I also deliver the final redlines for the developers so the designs can be as accurate as possible.

Certifications taken while at IBM