Get More

I had the opportunity to pitch a redesign of More Drinks' bottle packaging and their upcoming vitamin gum launch.

Get More is an independent UK-based company helping people of all ages to get their daily dose of vitamins in a wide range of tasty, fruity and sugar-free products.

After conducting extensive research, I determined that improving the quality of the product could be achieved by incorporating lighter colors and simplifying the logo. The aim was to set More Drinks apart from its competitors with a straightforward and uncluttered design while highlighting the superior quality of our product as its primary distinguishing factor.

Before and after of the colour palette and new logo option.

I proposed two options - the first being premium packaging and the second using the same packaging but with a different design. Both options contemplate natural and sparkling water.

The lines and dots shows the difference between sparkling and natural water.

I also proposed options a Gum packaging and collaterals for the pitch.